DE*Auerberglands Joking Cats Sid

 Germany    Auerberglands Joking Cats Sid

Sid FB9

Rodowód / Pedigree

D.O.B.: 2015-04-11

MCO ds 09 Red Smoke with White

Ultrasound of heart / Echo serca: Normal

Ultrasound of kidney / USG nerek: Normal

HD (X-Ray): Free / Wolny od dysplazji Right: A Left: B

FeLV / FIV: Free / Wolny

Gentest: HCM1: Normal (N/N), HCM3: Normal (N/N),  SMA: Normal, PKD: Normal,  Pyruvatikenase Def.: Normal, 

GSD TypeIV: Normal, Blood Typing DNA: N/b, rdAc-PRA: Normal

With all my heart thank You Dear Michaela for this Gorgeous Boy!!!




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